Specialist Paving

Tactile Paving 450x450x50mm or 400x400x50mm

Pack Sizes & Weights:

Packs – 36no (400) and 40no (450)
Weight per Unit – 23kg
Weight per Pack – 0.82ton (400) and 0.92ton (450)


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Specialist Paving

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Product Overview

Pack Sizes & Weight


Product DescriptionStipulated (or assumed) End UseApplicable Size (LxHxW) mmPack Sizes
Tactile Paving 450x450x50mm or 400x400x50mmAvailable in red or buff with raised dimples on the surface400 x 400 x 50
Tactile – 450 x 450 x 50
(red and buff only)
450 x 450 – 40no
Unit weight – 23kg
Pack weight – 0.920 ton
Raised dimples on top of the flags - used for crossings.
Please note: this product is not manufactured by Hoddam.